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6 Must-Have Cocktail Glasses for Your Home Bar Mastery

Let the drink experts tell you what glasses you actually need

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Setting up a stylish home bar can be overwhelming. Highballs, collins, martini glasses, double rocks ... so many names (and sometimes confusing) you can find online – but which ones do you really need? The size of a coupe might add to the confusion.


Good news – buying cocktail glasses doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Matt Piacentini, the owner of the Up & Up bar in New York, uses just five types for most drinks. According to Joaquín Simó, a partner at Pouring Ribbons and Tales of the Cocktail’s American Bartender of the Year in 2012, keeping it simple with rocks, collins, and a versatile cocktail glass covers 90% of drinks. Cheers to simplicity! 

1. Coupe Glass

A coupe glass is a stemmed glass with a shallow, broad bowl. It is often used for serving cocktails, particularly those that are served "up" - the ones that have been mixed with ice through shaking or stirring, then served cold without the ice. The design of the coupe glass is believed to have originated in the 17th century.


Its wide bowl allows for easy aromatic appreciation of the drink and is often preferred for its elegant presentation.


Recommended for: Manhattan, French 75, Daiquiri, Sidecar, Aviation


"Petal" Neo Colour Coupe Glass

2. Old Fashioned Glass

An Old Fashioned glass, also known as a rocks glass or lowball glass, is a short tumbler with a wide mouth.


Wisdom from seasoned bartenders: "The old fashioned glass, low and robust, is your companion for spirit-forward sipping. Ideal for classics like the old fashioned or a hearty whiskey on the rocks. Perfect for enjoying neat spirits or classic whiskey cocktails."


Recommended for: Old Fashioned, Negroni, Mai Tai, Caipirinha, Amaretto Sour


"Antoni" Hand-Painted Crystal Tumbler

3. Martini Glass

A Martini glass, also known as a cocktail glass, is a stemmed glass characterized by a broad, shallow bowl and a long stem. It is a classic and iconic piece of glassware specifically designed for serving Martinis and other cocktails. The distinctive design of the Martini glass helps to showcase the clarity and aesthetics of the drink.


The wide rim provides a convenient space for garnishes, such as citrus twists or olives.


Recommended for: Martini, Cosmopolitan, Gibson, Vasper, French Martini


"Jupe" Blue & Green Gradient Martini Glass

4. Nick & Nora Glass

Nick and Nora glasses stand out from coupe glasses due to their distinct bell-shaped design, positioning them between a coupe and a small wine glass. It offers a unique aesthetic that is different from the flatter, wider bowl of a coupe glass.


They are particularly favoured for stirred-up drinks, providing a perfect vessel for cocktails that don't require shaking. The smaller size is well-suited for concentrated flavors.

Recommended for: Rob Roy, Boulevardier, El Presidente, Manhattan, Martini 


Classic Nick & Nora Glass

5. Highball Glass

A highball glass is a tall, slender glassware, which provide ample space for ice and mixer,  typically used for serving mixed drinks, especially those made with a larger proportion of non-alcoholic mixer to a base spirit.


Its design is well-suited for drinks that are typically enjoyed over a longer duration, often with the addition of carbonated beverages or fruit juices.


Recommended for: Highball, Gin & Tonic, Rum & Coke, Tom Collins, Mojito, Cuba Libre, Paloma

Soho Home

Livorno Highball Glass

6. Shot Glass

A shot glass is a small, cylindrical glassware designed to hold and measure a single serving of alcoholic beverages, typically spirits or liqueurs.


It is also used for serving shooters, which are mixed or layered drinks designed to be consumed in a single sip. The small size and straightforward design make shot glasses a practical choice for quickly enjoying a concentrated amount of alcohol.


Recommended for: B-52, Kamikaze, Jägerbomb, Buttery Nipple, Tequila Sunrise Shot


"Concombre" Shot Glass

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