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TUTU Different.

We believe in Love.

We believe in Craftsmanship.

We believe in Unique design.

We believe in High-Quality.

We believe in adding a little bit of Fun to Australian homes.

TUTU Home was founded in 2020 by Carol Avedissian.  Carol directs TUTU Home based in Sydney, Australia.  Starting out as a hobby, Carol loved providing unique homewares for clients.  Spending many years in Paris – City of the arts – influenced Carol’s love for design, architecture and art.  As a designer, understanding colour, form, and spatial experience comes naturally.  Carol works closely with the artisans, to deliver well-crafted and unique pieces that she loves, to you.  Carol and her husband, Beau Avedissian directs HyperArchitects, an international architecture and design practice.  TUTU in its infancy was a unique service that HyperArchitects could offer.


Clients loved our products.  This led to introducing our products on the HyperArchitects website.  We began our own little shop.  Sharing the love with you, delivering a little bit of fun to your interior spaces.  


Customers loved our products.  We had great feedback and an overwhelming support of new TUTU fans decking out their interior spaces with TUTU products.  This led to us making the decision to separate the TUTU store from the HyperArchitects website.


From small beginnings, TUTU Home is now its own, and we are excited to deliver you the TUTU Home collection.  


Thank you for your support!