Your chance to receive $50! It's easy and fun! Don't miss out.

Coming Soon!

1. Take a photo.

Take the best possible photo of your fave TUTU product in your space.  The better the photo the more likely it will win.  Be creative!

2. Share it.

Upload the photo to your Instagram/Facebook feed OR share it on your story.  Make sure you tag us!

You may also send us an email with the photo attached.

3. Vote it.

The first week of each month, we will choose the best 5 photos, and poll it out over Instagram story.  Stay tuned, and vote! Share with your friends and family to vote yours!  The more votes, the better the chance of winning.  

4. Winner.

The photo with the most votes will win.  Congrats! We will email you your $50 gift card to spend on TUTU products.

Share and spread the love ❤

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