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Plastic & glass
1.8cm * 2.8cm * 6.6cm
Black necklace, case with clip, USB charger and manual.
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Air purifier in your pocket.

Breath the cleanest possible air. Everywhere!

Our spaces and cities are filled with toxic particles: dust, smoke, mould, VOC's, bad bacteria and viruses.  Our little air purifier removes all these particles out of the air close to you, keeping you safe and healthy.  

No filters needed! Instead, this little air purifier generates a very high count of 10M negative ions per meter cubed, which are electricity charged air molecules.  Sounds all a bit showy, but all perfectly healthy and good for our body!

Benefits to our body:

  • Oxygen production: activates oxygen molecules in the air, making them more easily absorbed and prevents diseases.
  • Improve lungs: after absorbing oxygen carrying ions, our lungs can absorb about 20% more oxygen.
  • Promote metabolism: activates a variety of enzymes in the body and improving metabolism.
  • Enhance disease resistance: changing the reaction ability of our body, activating the function of reticuloendothelial system and enhancing the immunity of the body.
  • Improve work efficiency: through the increase in oxygen consumption.
  • Helps to sterilise our air: eliminating various bacteria and viruses.
  • Purify the air: eliminating mould, dust and VOC's.
  • Mitigate effects of EMF: through the neutralisation of high-voltage static electricity of TV's, computers and other electronic products.
  • Improve sleep: through the analgesic effect and the mitigation of EMF disruption.
  • Monitor your body: with the glass display screen to measure your body temperature and relative humidity.


Small in size.  Perfect for any space you're in.  You can leave it beside you on your desk at work.  On your bedside table when you're sleeping.  Hang it around your neck or clip it on your top, when on the go.  Can use it in your car too.

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