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17cm * 7cm * 6cm
Clip for fridge, USB charger and manual.
Charging time/Operating time:
3hr/38 days


Your fridge is a breeding ground for toxic chemicals and bacteria.

Air Pro removes it.  Effortlessly.  So, you can eat healthier, live healthier with TUTU Air Pro.

Ever opened your fridge and been welcomed to a foul smell? It’s caused from mould and bacteria.  When you see those furry white patches, you know the food has mould.  But this is too late.  Mould build-up can occur before you can physically see it.  There are over 70 different types of bacteria that could be living in your fridge.  Milk can have lactobacillus, causing stomach problems.  Meat and egg commonly prone to salmonella.  Fish known to have Helicobacter pylori, causing stomach pain.  Uncooked food known to have E. coli.  Fruit and veg has shigella, causing intestine infections.  Cooked food known to have staphylococcus aureus, causing skin infections.  It is always best to be cautious, and it is always better to have fresher food.  Our little air purifier can do the job for you, relieving you from worrying about all this, keeping your food safe, fresher, and lasting longer!


Fresher Food That Lasts Longer - Our little air purifier helps to increase the freshness of your food, so it can last longer.

Odour Removal - Removes all the odours and horrible smells in your fridge, shoe cabinet, car, bathroom, and wardrobe.

Chemical Spray Removal - The toxic chemicals sprayed on your fruit and vegetables pose several health concerns to our body to which our air purifier helps to remove them from all your fresh food.

Kills 99% of Bacteria & Sterilises Air - Generating a very high count of 10M negative ions per meter cubed, which are electricity charged air molecules, creating active oxygen to help sterilise 99% of bacteria in the air and surfaces. 

No Filters. No Waste - No filters means no waste, and means a hassle free experience.

Longer Lasting Battery - 3 hr charging time for a continuous 38 days of usage time.

Multi-Use - Has two operation modes: standard or deep odour removal for both fridge and freezer.  Includes a clip for the fridge or a faux leather strap to hang.  Small, compact size to use in the wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bathroom, and car.

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